Hi I’m Kenneth Ebner, fitness enthusiast and creator for the 30 Day. I first started working out when I was 16. I used to try and sneak in to my local Bally’s as back then you had to be 18 to workout. That passion for working out would lead me on a life long fitness journey. I graduated from the University of Illnois Chicago with a degree in exercise science and was working at Bally totally fitness as a personal trainer for 6 years through college. After college I was promoted to general manager of the largest Bally’s in Chicago and then to district manager of the northern region. I guess you could say that is the first time that I started to lose my passion for working out and was more focused on work. At that time I also met my future wife and those were my two main focuses in my life. During that time I put on the first 25lbs. After a year of working the northern region for Bally’s the company was sold and I had to start over working for LA fitness.  

All district managers were put into GM roles during their time working at LA fitness, to learn their culture and system or to wash out former methods. I was now being forced to work 60+ hr weeks and traveling 50 miles a day to my new club, sure enough the next 25 came. After working my way back up to area manager and now 70hrs a week I nearly had a mental breakdown from all the stress hours and was all I would focus on my girlfriedd and moved west knowing there was something more so I did what any wise man should do I followed. I packed up my life put it on top of my car and took of for California not knowing what lies ahead. With our knowing where to live we ended up in big bear because of the low rent and decided we may find something there or we would give ourselves time to look. I started working out again and living life with all my free. I almost lost all the weight and was back on track! After 3 companies and not being impressed I saw and add for an up start group training and transformational program.

The co founder of fitin42 brought me into the valley I learned allot about group functional training and program design while working there but at last it was not meant to be. By a chance, I wondered into world gym and was designing programs and managing the gym and life was busy again and back came on the weight, but, this time it was 60lbs! I worked for world gym for 5 years and was designing programs and managing the gym to world gym. I worked for world gym for 5 years and was a great experience and great company but was over worked again and now the gym I was managing was sold. Out of work a parent a a wedding on the way in 8 months and not even close the wedding paid off what was I to do? Go to Kuai for a month and find your self we again believed in ourselfs spend the moth in kuai I found my passion again and took off 40lbs and found a new lease on life. The only problem I had was when I got back there was no work but on a chance 

I sent Joe a Facebook message and explained my program idea and wanted to know if he would have any interest he said sure so I got back on it creating the 30 day challenge and helping people get into shape the program was a hit I was able to pay for my wedding. But after a program people start wanting done at their facilities and I know now that was a mistake I was trying to be jack of all trades and master of none and sure enough back came the weight! But now after learning a lot of life’s lessons and going on the weight loss rollercoaster I have truly found balance and am ready to get back it the best shape of my life and want to invite all you to join me. I will document journey and let you know all the information you will need to succeed with me. So if your truly ready and want all the help you could ask for join me on my next challenge is guaranteed. 


40 Under Forty Article

Kenneth Ebner, the program director of World Gym and a lifelong fitness advocate, does more than preach — he goes to extremes to show people how to better their lives with an effective workout program.

The 35-year-old purposely gained 40 pounds recently and shunned his daily workouts for four months.

“I want to show people how amazing your results can be in just six short weeks on our program,” he says.

Ebner, who also puts on programs for teachers and at seniors centers, says his Rock Your Resolution program is designed to make fitness goals come true and help change the way people feel about the gym. A new father to a baby boy, Jackson, Ebner is currently developing a Rock Kids program to help children get fit.

“I believe our generation will show how truly great the valley is to raise a family,” Ebner says.